Opportunity 1 - STAKE WALLET CLUB

  • Buy Bitcoin and open an account on www.licex.io
  • Exchange bitcoin with Liracoin
  • Open 1 account on liracoin.club and deposit liracoin in stake wallett
  • Stake Liracoin every day

The moment you acquire liracoin and Deposit them in the stake wallett, you Become a knot by earning coin each block Using the pos.
All you need to do to earn money with this Method is to keep the coins in your Liracoin-stake portfolio.
This means that anyone holding liracoin in Their wallet will receive liracoin on their Balance in exchange to maintain network Security.
After the stake you can send all the coins For exchange on the platform or web Portfolio.

(Note: the first block of liracoin was mined on December 5, 2017)

Opportunity 2 - SMARTDROP D-POS

  • Open 1 account on Liracoin.club
  • Exchange liracoin on www.licex.io and Deposit
  • Buy one membership of smart Mining pool
  • Earn every day Liracoin of mining pool

In addition to Liracoin stake mining, the club offers you a unique advantage from the SmartDrop D-pos (SdP).

With this you can participate in the POS main wallet of liracoin.club. By purchasing a Smart Drop D-pos you can participate in the D-pos pool and get a percentage of community mining.

To be part of all this you just have to

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